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Customers reviews

I ordered the Coffee as it says on the packet it is a strong cup but with out the jitters, not bad at all, I suffer with anxiety but love a nice cup of coffee. Although it seems expensive to normal coffee I will order again.
Came here looking for a CBD cartridge, a vaping pen and some e liquid from here after a friend recommended sun CBD, I will order here again. The selection of products are massive! Thanks sun CBD!
I have never bought from Sun CBD before, they are new but the prices are good and so is the free shipping!

We offer amazing prices and weekly deals on our huge selection of products including the leading brands from around the world. We do not have a physical store therefore we are able to offer the finest CBD products at a cheaper price. We always have deals running and if you do not see a deal for the product you wish to purchase then simply drop us a message and we will try our best to help!. Our selection includes flavoured CBD oil from 1 Step, Ideal for those that are not too keen on the regular flavoured oils. A large collection of different CBD e-liquids from brands such as Canavape, Orange County, Aztec CBD and Breaking CBD all in different strengths and flavours. If you enjoy getting your daily intake from edibles we offer some amazing flavoured Gummies and also a range of chocolate.We take pride offering exceptional customer service and hope that we can look after you at all times while you are on your CBD journey.

Sun CBD Online CBD Store UK

Sun CBD stock a huge selection of CBD products including CBD Vaping E-liquid, CBD Vape Cartridges, Gummies ,Drinks, Whey Protein, Tea and Coffee, Vaping Pens and Mod Kits, CBD Oils and Capsules, Honey and, Sweets

We are a leading distributor for some of the major brands in the UK, Europe and the USA. 

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We offer free shipping over £20 to the whole of the UK and competitive prices for shipping on orders under £20. We are also users of CBD so we have gained knowledge of the products on offer and can also offer any advice you might need on products simply by contacting us on Whatsapp or via our contact form. 

We also offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee on anything you purchased if you are unhappy with your order. 

Quick CBD Facts

What is CBD?

CBD is an extract taken from the Hemp or Cannabis plant. It is One of at least 113 different Cannabinoids discovered in the plant. It is non-psychoactive meaning you will not get high. (THC is the bit that gets you high).

Is CBD Safe?

Yes CBD Is considered safe. We only distribute from reputable companies who are fully compliant in the making of CBD products. If you are a newbie to CBD then we suggest starting off on a smaller dose then gradually increasing until you reach the required amount. Please consult your Doctor before trying out CBD for the first time.

Will I fail a drugs test using CBD?

Any test taken when looking for drug use will normally be looking for THC. The urine test most commonly used doesn’t look for CBD, it actually looks for a compound created by the body when it metabolizes THC.

Are there any side effects when taking CBD?

When consuming CBD if you take too much in a short space of time you may feel a little tired. Other than that side effects are extremely rare.

How do you feel when taking CBD?

everyone has a different feeling or experience when taking CBD. It is important to remember that it does not get you high. If vaped via a CBD cartridge you might feel a little relaxed quicker than other ways of taking CBD. Some people take it before bedtime to help promote a relaxing sleep, others daily as part of their daily routine.

Can I take CBD when taking medication?

It is always best to consult a medica professional with any questions and queries regarding CBD and health. We here at Sun CBD are not qualified to give any advice to anyone about interactions between CBD and Medications. We can give you advice on what products we recommend though so feel free to contact us if you are not sure about what products you want to use.

Will taking CBD help me with any underlying health problems?

Unfortunately we are not allowed to give any advice like this. We can say that all CBD products sold at Sun CBD are sold as a supplement to support a balanced lifestyle and diet.

Final note: if you have any concerns about taking CBD please do not hesitate to contact your doctor who can provide you with all the necessary information. We also urge those who are pregnant to avoid taking any CBD products. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are thinking of starting CBD but are unsure what products to purchase. We are a friendly bunch here and we may even offer you a nice discount to get you started! We look forward to being with you on your CBD journey.

The Sun CBD team.