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What Is CBD vaping

Vaping has been around for about a decade now and its popularity is increasing day by day. People started to consider it as a beneficial activity after the emergence of CBD oil. CBD is one of the most famous cannabinoids extracted from industrial hemp or cannabis sativa which contains less than 0.2 % THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which is the maximum amount allowed in the UK by law.
Research has shown that CBD possesses incredible therapeutic properties after which it became quite popular and the CBD industries started to take off by folds. CBD is now available in different types of product including tablets, capsules, topicals, edibles and vape. Here is everything you need to know about CBD oil vaping.

What are CBD vape carts?

CBD vape carts are made with different types of CBD oils such as full spectrum CBD oil broad spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate. Full spectrum CBD oil contains whole plant extract including other cannabinoids and tetrahydrocannabinol as well. For those who do not prefer the use of THC they can go for broad spectrum CBD oil vape carts as it is stripped off all THC content. However, those who don’t want to use any other cannabinoid can go for CBD isolate.

Pros and cons of CBD vaping

Evidently the most prominent advantage of CBD vaping is that it is the quickest delivery method. People suffering from chronic pain inflammation prefer CBD vaping as it offers instant relief. The CBD dose directly enters the bloodstream through alveoli of the lungs.
Generally speaking vaping is not safe practice irrespective of the substance in the vape cart. People have taken advantage of the lack of certification and sell various types of vaping liquids which may not contain pure CBD oil which would be very harmful for health.
Not only this, the extraction process of CBD oil impacts the quality of the final product. Make sure to buy a product with the certification of analysis which proves that your product does not contain any harmful toxins and also contains the given amount of CBD. Even though CBD itself is safe and does not cause any severe side effects but vaping it could lead to lung problems. Note: All CBD products sold at Sun CBD are safe and tested. We only sell from trusted brands.

if you intend to vape CBD oil for any medicinal purposes, it would be best to consult your health care practitioner. It is important as CBD can cause liver toxicity by halting the metabolic activity of certain a group of enzymes which are required to metabolize different types of drugs in the body. Taking these drugs in CBD at the same time may lead to an increased level of drug in the blood

CBD Vaping

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